5 Quick Tips for Sales Success!

E-Center LIMarketing 5 Quick Tips for Sales Success!

5 Quick Tips for Sales Success!

April 15, 2016

1) Plan tomorrow

A survey of highly successful people showed they don’t plan in hours…they plan down to the minute. Taking the time to figure out how you’ll be investing each minute tomorrow, before ending your day, will pay big dividends. You’ll start the day productive, rather than trying to figure out what to do and, most likely, responding to “fires.”

2) Be productive

In sales, many things can make you busy, but far less make you productive. Make sure that, each and every day, you do at least one of the following:

– Set an appointment to meet with a new prospect

– Meet with a new prospect

– Move a sale closer to closed

– Close a deal

You can be very busy without being productive, but you can’t be productive without being busy. Doing at least one of these, each day, ensures some productivity!

3) Prospect consistently

I’m not a big fan of phone blitzes. They have their place, but they mean that there’s a specific time and place where the team gets together to prospect, and they probably don’t do it the rest of the time. Consistent prospecting is one of the pillars of success in sales, even with a great New York SEO agency. Even if it’s only a little bit each day, make sure to reach out to some new potential prospects to try to being engaging them.

4) Do what you say you’ll do, sooner than you say you’ll do it.

As a corporate sales trainer, and outsourced sales manager, I often ride in the field on sales calls with reps. Time and time again, in listening to their prospects, I hear the prospects complain about salespeople who don’t follow-up, or follow-up late. Under-promising and over-delivering shows the prospect that when they choose to do business with you they’re making a smart investment. Something as simple as promising a proposal by Wednesday and delivering it on Monday says, “I deliver, not just on time but ahead of schedule!”

5) Keep moving the sale forward until you can’t…then move on.

Salespeople tend to drop the decision in the prospect’s lap and then wait to hear back once the prospect has decided to turn themselves into a client. And they wait. And they call. And they wait. And they email. They leave messages like, “Hey there, I sent you my proposal three weeks ago but haven’t heard back. Give me a call!” (which means, “Did you decide to do business with me but forget to let me know?”) Never leave a meeting or a phone call without setting up the next meeting or phone call (Best Next Action Step philosophy) in order to continually gauge a prospect’s interest and protect your time. If a prospect “goes silent” for too long stop wasting your time and harassing them with daily communications. Try to re-establish contact occasionally, but not too often. Rather, invest your time in working with prospects who do stay in communication with you and continually look for the fish that are biting, the people who are looking to work with you.

This is, of course, not an all-inclusive list, but if you implement these 5 tips I promise you’ll close more business and make more money.

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