We thrive on the challenge of matchmaking top sales talent with top businesses. Chemistry is key! We spend the necessary time up front to understand your culture, products, services and goals before we search our data bases and engage in our interview processes to match your company exactly with your next high energy performer.


B2B Talent Search in the Tri-State Area

You need a sales dynamo to take your enterprise where you want it to go, but finding and hiring top-tier sales talent can be daunting! Searching, screening, interviewing and hiring the right people to close deals on your products or services takes a lot of time and a range of skills that may not be within your expertise – and mistakes in hiring a sales force can be very costly! So why not let B2B’s talent scouts sleuth and evaluate leading sales professionals on your behalf, while you stay focused on driving your business forward?

With this in mind, the B2B interviewing process directly assesses the level of these characteristics within a candidate, and evaluates the presence of the accompanying skillsets needed to successfully prospect, contact, qualify, win over, overcome objections, close big deals and resell, resell, resell. Our 5-step interview challenge is both intensive and interactive. B2B measures a candidate’s abilities with on-the-spot cold calling, small group presentations, roll play, and knowledge around Customer Relationship Management Systems and technology.


Our High Voltage Interview Process

The personalities of great salespeople always play a critical role in their success. Sales stars are by nature problem-solvers, and they invest themselves fully in building strong relationships within the sales cycle (in-house and with customers) to deliver the promised results. Top sales people are consistently conscientious, well-prepared, inquisitive, competitive, modest – but confident enough to ask hard questions and challenge a decision maker, as is needed.

No matter your industry, location, product or service, B2B professionals go the distance to match dynamic sales talent with top-tier businesses.


National Sales Recruiting

Your business’s growth will naturally take you places. New sales territories and regions can require remote sales operations and satellite offices. B2B is much bigger than just the Tri-State. We source candidates from across the US, with the same comprehensive interview processes and great results.